Crawl space encapsulation is a solution to these problems. It helps prevent damage to the foundation because it greatly decreases the moisture build-up and condensation. Moisture entering the foundation of your home can cause major problems such as wall cracks, damage to flooring, and decaying wood.


A crawl space is the perfect place for rodents and pests to get into the foundation of your home. You may have an entry way inside a closet, bathroom, or any other place that is unnoticed. This area is often dark and the perfect place for pests to get into. Eventually you will have major problems with the structure of your home. Encapsulating the foundation of your home is very important and at Pest Control Services we offer a top of the line crawl space encapsulation service.

Protect the structure of your home and prevent any mold from attracting pests and rodents. Take advantage of this service from the experts at Pest Control Services.